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Wood Newel Posts

LIC Rail Supplies offers turned newel posts made of solid wood, which are turned or milled into a decorative stair post. Turned Newels will make a grand statement in your stairway and are available in many different styles and 11 wood species.

Make a great first impression with Box Newels that are carefully designed to offer aesthetic proportions and provide unique and stately options to fit your style.

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1600-P-48 - Traditional, Pin Top 1600-P-54 - Traditional, Pin Top 1600-P-60 - Traditional, Pin Top 1600-P-72 - Traditional, Pin Top
1605-P-48 - Traditional, Pin Top 1605-P-60 - Traditional, Pin Top 1606-P-38 - Traditonal Volute, Pin-to-Pin 1606-P-41 - Traditional Volute, Pin-to-Pin
1606-P44 - Trad. Volute, Pin-to-Pin ( Rnd Bot ) 1607-P-38 - Traditional Volute, Pin-to-Pin 1607-P-40 - Traditional Volute, Pin-to-Pin 1607-P-42 - Trad. Volute, Pin-to-Pin ( Sq. Bot )
1640-P-48 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1640-P-54 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1640-P-60 - Traditional , 5'' Top Block 1640-P-72 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block
1641-P-48 - Traditional, 10'' Top Block 1641-P-60 - Traditional, 10'' Top Block 1642-P-48 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1643-P-60 - Traditional, 13'' Top Block
1646-P-60 - Traditional, 16'' Top Block 1646-P-72 - Traditional, 16'' Top Block 1700-P-48 - Traditional, Pin Top 1700-P-60 - Traditional, Pin Top
1740-P-48 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1740-P-54 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1740-P-60 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1741-P-60 - Traditional, 10'' Top Block
1742-P-48 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1742-P-60 - Traditional, 5'' Top Block 1743-P-60 - Traditional, 13'' Top Block 4010-P-48 - Plain Style, Pin Top
4010-P-60 - Plain Style, Pin Top 4040-P-48 - Plain Style, 5'' Block Top 4042-P-54 - Plain Style, 5'' Block Top 4043-P-60 - Plain Style, 5'' Block Top
4045-P-48 - Plain Style, 10'' Block Top 4045-P-60 - Plain Style, 10'' Block Top 4046-P-60 - Plain Style, 13'' Block Top 4710-P-48 - Biltmore, Pin Top, Plain
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